Don’t just take our word for it…

Levels All Footings

The science experiment of footing in your arena. I added a felt additive to my sand/dirt footing 1 year prior. The Arena Rover was the third drag that I purchased in one year. The Rover turns the footing and keeps it from getting packed down. I am very pleased with this drag. It fluffs and levels at the same time and doesn’t bunch up my felt additive. I’m finally happy with my footing.|
Dr. Susan Carter-O’Shea 
Kearney, MO

Simplicity at It’s Best

The Arena Rover is small in size, very stoutly built, well engineered… and is completely adjustable.  [It] has already paid for itself in two uses!
Dave K.

Easy Hookup Stand

Great arena drag Gary. Very well designed. We use it every day. Thanks for everything.

Levels Footings Perfectly

I started out testing the very first Arena Rover and decades later I still love it. It works my footing loose then levels it perfectly. I get a lot of compliments on how nice my footing is all the time. My horses are spoiled at home with such nice footing year round.
Anne Shafer

Easy Snow Removal

What a great piece of equipment for so many tasks! This winter the Arena Rover easily tackled well over 15 inches of wet, heavy snow!  After the driveway was cleared, we also cleared the outdoor runs and pasture feeding areas with ease.

Simplicity at It’s Best

I researched arena groomers for almost a year before purchasing the Arena Rover. I was looking for an economical, simple to use and compact groomer. The Arena Rover came to the top of my list from the start and nothing else seemed to come close.

I appreciate the training and personal attention that Gary provided. The Arena Rover is small in size, very stoutly built, well engineered, has no moving parts and is completely adjustable. The Arena Rover grooms my surface exactly like my roto tiller in half the time.People just cannot belief how I can have 5-6 inches of fluffy smooth dirt.

The Arena Rover has already paid for itself in just two uses. My 9 year old daughter took a fall off her horse at a run onto a freshly groomed arena floor. She bounced right up saying that it was like falling onto her bed. The Arena Rover saved a broken arm, nose and a few front teeth. Thanks Gary!
Dave Koenigsfeld